The abstracts for NACS 2017

Here you will find the abstracts for the upcoming NACS-conference in Trondheim:





15.30-16.30: Gender incongruity:

15.30-15.40: Moen, Vigdis: Identity and self-understanding among transgender women

15.40-15.55: Benestad, Esben Esther Pirelli: Autogynephilia and autoandrophilia revisited.

15.55-16.10: Stejl Stålbrand, I: Child wish and life satisfaction among binary and non-binary transgender persons in Sweden.

16.10-16.25: Røyneberg, Anders: Transgender youth and sexuality.

16.25-16.40: Aaserud, Ronny: Gender health care for adolescents with co-occurring gender incongruence and Asperger syndrome.

16.40-16.55: Discussion


17.10-18.00: Social sexology:

17.10-17.20: Røyneberg, Anders: Am I a sex buyer?

17.20-17.35: Kontula, Osmo: Female sexual interest with other women.

17.35-17.45: Chabak, Amal: Sexuality in an Arab country in the 21st century : a realistic approach.

17.45-18.00: Discussion




12.00-13.00: Sexual problems:

12.00-12.15: Chabak, Amal: Vaginismus: The underneath of a feminin sexual dysfunction.

12.15-12.30: Johansen, Marius: Dealing with dyspareunia. Perspectives from a doctor in the primary health care in Oslo.

12.30-12.45: Sayin, Umit: To cope with the problems of sexual responsivensess of women during pregancy and afterwards.

12.45-13.00: Discussion


15.15-16.15: Medical sexology:

15.15-15.30: Johansen, Marius: Addressing myths and misconceptions about contraception.

15.30-15.45: Johansen, Marius: STIs: What is the situation in Norway today, and why should sexologists know about this topic.

15.45-16.00: Sinisaari-Eskelinen: Effects of Bariatric Surgery on sexuality of women.

16.00 -16.15: Discussion




09.45-10.45: Culture and sexuality:

09.45-10.00: Lien, Trude Sletvoll: Let’s talk about sex, sexuality education for migrants in Norway.

10.00-10.15: Roos, Jonna: Experiences and Plans of Sexual Education for Adult Migrant Students at Helsinki Vocational School.

10.15-10.30: Brunell, Calle: Psychological treatment of LGBTQ-migrants, a clinical perspective.

10.30-10.45: Discussion Sexological counselling:

11.15-11.30: Bakken, Sissel Rostøl: Anonymous chat about sex, sexual health and sexuality.

11.30-11.45: Arnadottir, Sigridur: Young women and their sexual pleasure; a report from Iceland.

11.45-12.00: Gerbild, Helle: Health care students addressing sexual health.

12.00-12.15: Leren, Line Boe: What is normal, and how to fuck right. What teens want to know.

12.15-12.30: Discussion



  1. Braathen, Eva: Information for patients on GVHD of the genital tract after allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
  2. Johansen, Laila K.: Information for patients about GVHD of the genital after allogeneic stem cell transplantation
  3. Sayin, Umit: Decline in Satisfaction, Contentness, Masturbation, Fantasy & Orgasm Patterns in Turkey
  4. Sayin, Umit: Mechanisms of Multiple Vaginal Orgasm with Three ESR Cases
  5. Sayin, Umit: Strong and Healthy Pelvic Muscles Influence the Sexual Responsiveness of Women in a Very Favorable Way
  7. Laursen, Birgitte Schantz: Sexuality as part of treatment and rehabilitation in patients with cancer and chronic diseases
  8. Ruhilahti, Susa: Ethical guidelines for sexuality educators
  9. Sayin, Umit: Decline in Satisfaction, Contentness, Masturbation, Fantasy & Orgasm Patterns in Turkey


If you want to attend this conference, register on their website. Here you can also find the program, information regarding accomodation, information about the speakers, and general information about Trondheim. For more information, check out their facebook-page.