Kurs i Klinisk Sexologi


Addressing sexual difficulties with mindfulness and self-compassion with Sandra Vilarinho, Clinical Psychologist and Sexologist. President of the Portuguese Society for Clinical Sexology.

Place and duration:

The course will be held at the University of Agder, Grimstad, Norway from
Friday May 12 lunch to Sunday lunch (16 hours)
Friday May 12, 1-5 pm
Saturday May 13, 9 am-6 pm
Sunday May 14, 10 am – 2 pm


About the course

The University of Agder is starting a new series of yearly courses in clinical sexology for therapists, with the best teachers in Europe. These courses are intended to improve knowledge and practice on the intensity therapy level of the PLISSIT-model. Today there are few educational programs on this level, and there clearly is a need for systematic education. The planned courses are intended to meet this need.

The courses will address therapists who want to improve their skills in sex therapy, and teaching will be planned according to the participants’ existing therapeutic skills.

Therapy research has shown that mindfulness can improve therapeutic work. This is partly based on the experience of many therapists that elements from mindfulness have been integrated in sex therapy for many years without actually calling it “mindfulness”, but lately also because the explicit use of mindfulness has been shown to have good effect, in instances as psychosexual education, treatment of gynecological cancer, sexual distress and sexual abuse, vestibulodynia and sexual desire.

An absolute pioneer in this area has been Lori Brotto from Vancouver, Canada.

In this planned series of courses in sexology, we look for European experts. This year wWe have chosen Sandra Vilarinho from Portugal who is an experienced therapist and teacher who has taken on to introduce mindfulness into European sexology.


For more information, see the website.


Sted: Grimstad

Påmeldingsfrist: 15. mars

Pris: 500Euro

Elsa Mari Almås, professor. Tlf.nr. 37 23 37 72. E-post
Eli Stålesen. Tlf.nr. 38 14 13 54 E-post