NACS Authorisation requirements

Copenhagen May 4th 2007/Tallin October 9th 2009

Level of authorisation


Specialist in sexological counselling

Specialist in clinical sexology


Academic studies within social, medical, behavioural or educational sciences for at least 3 years.

Membership in national sexological organisation for at least 2 years.

Completed Sexology I

  • Minimum 3 years clinically relevant professional education with a diploma
  • One year clinical practice
  • At least 100 hours sexological councelling with supervision within at last 2 years.

Completed Sexology I + II

  • Minimum 6 years clinical education
  • Minimum 1 year recent clinical work including supervision
  • Minimum 2 years recent clinical sexological work
  • Relevant clinical sexological work during education.

Education in sexology

Sexology I/basic

Sexology II/counselling

Sexology III/clinical training

Total time:

European Credit Transfer System

(ECTS) (Bologna)

1 point is 27 hours

A year full time is 60 ECTS or 1.620 hours.

Basic sexology:

(no authorisation)

30 ECTS or 810 hours (45 min.)

1 year half time

Sexological Councelling:

30 ECTS = 60 ECTS or 810 hours

(45 min.)

1 year half time.

Specialist in clinical Sexology:

60 ECTS = 120 ECTS or 1.620 hours (45 min.)

2 years half time

Thereof with teacher

202.5 hours

202.5 hours

Thereof minimum 75 hours super-

vision in group or 50 hours indivi-dual and 25 hours SAR*/SSA*

405 hours

Thereof 120 hours group or 80 hours individual supervision and 48 hours SAR*/SSA*

Individual/group work

405 hours

405 hours including:

- 36 hours peer supervision

- 100 hours sexological counselling

810 hours including:

- 200 hours clinical work


202.5 hours

Written/oral presentation, brochure or video.

202.5 hours

Written or other relevant project on a scientific level.

Written or other relevant project on scientific level.

Example: Publication in sexological journal and/or presentation at Nordic or international conference


2000 pages

2000 pages

4000 pages






No certificate



*SAR/SSA: Sexual Attitude Restructuring/Sexual Self acknowledgment.

*SAR/SSA: Sexual Attitude Restructuring/Sexual Self acknowledgment.